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Where Are They Now: Giulia Luzi

Giulia Luzi with the piece “Hugo Chávez and the media’ How was the media used to influence public opinion on Chávez and his government?” won the Media & Journalism category in 2015. Now she continues to advance within the organisation Search for Common Ground.

As a student at Dublin City University, Giulia Luzi was interested in different cultures and the interactions between them. After graduation Giulia began an internship for the European Affairs and Partnership Team of Search for Common Ground. This NGO works with 36 countries around the world on peace building and conflict transformation. After her internship, she remained in the same organisation and has since held two different positions.

On the Africa team, Giulia worked on a project that encompassed “better working relationships between civil society organisations and government authorities in Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria.” After this, she was promoted to the position of European Affairs and Partnerships Associate, the position who supervised her during her internship. Currently she works with fundraising and policy matters and liaising with European field offices.  

Giulia reflects on her travels at the time of the UA Global Summit in 2015 how they were limited within Europe, however she has gotten the opportunity to see more of the world since.

I have travelled to Tanzania, Zanzibar, Washington DC, New York, Boston, Cuba and Rwanda both thanks to my job and for fun. In the near future, I would like to pursue further studies in the field of conflict analysis and resolution, and to travel to Latin America.

Giulia plans to Master in Conflict, Security and Development at Sussex University in 2018.

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