Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors 2016/17

Campus Ambassadors play a key role in the promotion of The Undergraduate Awards in our Affiliate Institutions all over the globe. They act as our eyes and ears on campus, helping us to get the word out to students, and advising the UA Team on how best we can promote the programme.

This is a voluntary role and usually requires a commitment of no more than 2 hours per week on average, during term time. As a Campus Ambassador, you decide how to increase awareness of the programme in your university or college, on a time that suits your schedule. The UA Team will be a phone call or email away to support you with your promotion, and to help you come up with creative ideas and events.

Promoting UA on campus can often involve methods such as putting up posters, circulating flyers, sharing updates on student social media groups, running an information evening or stand, speaking to college officials and Heads of Department, contacting the Students’ Union – along with any other creative, innovative strategy you come up with!

We are recruiting Campus Ambassadors from around the world to help promote The Undergraduate Awards 2017 Programme throughout the 2016/2017 academic year.

This opportunity will give you an excellent boost for your CV, earn you some experience in volunteering for a non-profit organisation, and will grant you a behind-the-scenes view of the world’s largest academic awards programme.

As well as this, the Campus Ambassador who shows the most initiative and innovation throughout the course of the programme will be brought to Dublin, Ireland for the exclusive four-day UA Global Summit in November 2017.

If you’d like to apply for the position of Campus Ambassador in your institution, you can fill out this form Campus Ambassador Form.

For any further questions, email Clare on

Current Campus Ambassadors

Australian National University  Jessica Urwin
Mehika Manocha
Boğaziçi University  Uğur Özkan
Brown University  Harmony Schorr
Chapman University  Brittney Souza
Dublin Institute of Technology  Sayed Ahmad Saeed
ETH Zürich  Marco Stöckli
Institute of Technology, Sligo  Killian Glynn
Maynooth University  Marketa Rygolova
Niamh Doody
Monash University  Melanie Hechenberger
Calvin Fung
Nanyang Technological University  Yanyao She
Xing Huang
Feliciana Natali
Chen Jin
Qatar University  Hajera Thakur
University of Birmingham  Jack Metcalf
University of Calgary  Doug Doyle-Baker
University of Exeter  Thomas Smith
University of Glasgow  Holly Scott
Lewis Watson
University of Montpellier  Yacine Ruiu-Khettab
Diaz Iskakov
University of Newcastle, Australia  Jiaqian (Vita) Ling
University of Pittsburgh  Ali Greenholt
University of Queensland  Emily Ganko
Helen Wu
University of Tennessee, Knoxville  Colleen Ryan
Waterford Institute of Technology  Katie Duggan
Western University  Wyatt Merkley
Mary Wang
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