Aligned | Art Exhibition

Artist: Lorraine Cleary


"My practice is an investigation into the boundaries that exist between spatial entities. Involving an exploration of these entities in their ambiguous states, the in-between, on the threshold of transformation. My work aims to use the qualities inherent to film to create spaces that challenge the viewer’s perception in alluding to something off frame, challenging the space in between the real and the virtual; tangible physical space and intangible virtual space. 'Mise en Scene' is defined as the arrangement of visual compositional elements and movements within a given space. The installation was created using the stylistic qualities inherent to the medium of film, and the element of sound to interrogate what is real. Reframing the frame in a reconfiguration of the filmic space through the creation of filmic devices that challenge the traditional cinematic space. Discarded materials that already possess a recognisable function, and hold an alternative history, have been transformed from their humble origins into cinematic devices that frame space or suggest implied spaces. The result is the creation of a mimetic framework that exposes the tension that exists between the object's previous existence and its transformed state."


Lorraine graduated from LSAD with a First Class Honours in Sculpture & Combined Media in 2014, and is currently studying for a Masters in Interactive Media at the University of Limerick. Her practice is process-based and embraces both digital and anachronistic mediums. Recent group exhibitions she has taken part in include Steampunk’d at the Bourn Vincent Gallery and at The Hunt Museum, Limerick.

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