Weng Kin San

Weng Kin San is from Malaysia but has been studying in Singapore for the past 7 years on the ASEAN Scholarship. He is currently enrolled in the Joint Degree between the University Scholars Programme of the National University of Singapore and the Bachelor of Philosophy program at the Australian National University. He majors in philosophy and hopes to pursue graduate studies in philosophy. His main interests are in political philosophy- in particular, issues to do with social justice, political liberalism, public justification, rights, and global justice. The research intensive NUS-ANU Joint Degree has allowed Weng Kin San the opportunity to undertake various research projects under the supervision of first-rate philosophers. His research topics have included public reason and coercion, decision theory and normative uncertainty, global distributive justice, and Rawls’s two principles of justice. Weng Kin San was a Summer Research Scholar at the ANU College of Law and worked on an article on deliberative arguments for constitutional change through referendums. He stayed on after the scholarship as a Research Assistant for his supervisor’s book on deliberative democracy and the law. He is currently halfway through his final honors year at the National University of Singapore.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2015

University: Australian National University
Category: Philosophy & Theology

Public Reason, Coercion, and Harm

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