Milani Sivapragasam

Milani recently graduated from Western with a BMSc in Medical Cell Biology, placing on the Dean’s Honor List in all four years of her study. She completed a researchintensive degree under the supervision of Dr. Trevor Shepherd at the London Regional Cancer Program. Her work has been presented at several scientific meetings and led to co-authorship on a peer-reviewed manuscript. Her experiences in the lab fostered her passion for discovery and sparked a lifelong commitment to medical research. Indeed, she is now a first-year medical student in the distinguished MD/PhD joint program at McGill University. Dedicated to the care of others, she has worked on health equity projects in the US-Mexico border and Rwanda, and volunteered with a cancer screening programme for new immigrants.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2014

University: Western University
Category: Medical Sciences

Exploring Myxoma Virus Oncolytic Virotherapy in Combination with Carboplatin for the Treatment of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

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