Joanne Davies

What have you been up to since winning the Undergraduate Awards? 
Currently, I am completing an AHRC -funded Master’s degree in English (Modern Literary Studies) at my alma mater, Queen’s University Belfast.

What did winning the Undergraduate Awards mean to you?
For me, the Undergraduate Awards represented a fantastic recognition of the work that I had invested in my degree. As a humanities student it is often necessary to justify the value of your study: the Undergraduate Awards has strengthened my confidence in undertaking research within my chosen discipline. Also, to see my essay published in a journal has spurred me to replicate that feat.

What tips do you have for students entering the Undergraduate Awards?
In my experience, the key criterion for essay success is originality. An informed conviction in the validity of your own ideas, and a willingness to challenge orthodoxies within your subject will help produce an essay of which you can be proud and perhaps, an Undergraduate Award winner!

Undergraduate Award Winner in 2009

University: Queen’s University Belfast
Category: Historical Studies

Womanhood under Stalin, selfhood under threat? A critical exploration of the Soviet sexual counter-revolution of the 1930s

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