Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline is a final year student at the Australian National University (ANU), studying a combined Bachelor of Asia-Pacific Studies degree, majoring in Chinese Studies, and a Bachelor of Laws degree with Honours.

Jacqueline has achieved impressive academic results, including being inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society for placing in the top 15% of her cohort. Jacqueline has relished the opportunity to represent the ANU at a number of conferences and exchange programs, including at Nanjing University in China, the University of Toronto in Canada, and the National University of Singapore.

In addition to her academic studies, Jacqueline has demonstrated her leadership and passion for service through her volunteer positions on the Australian Capital Territory Rowing Board, ANU Sport Council, ANU Boat Club Committee, and participation in various community events. In her spare time, Jacqueline loves to be involved in sport.

Undergraduate Award Global Winner in 2016

University: Australian National University
Category: Law

The Enforcement Regime of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) under Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act: Reform Required

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