Jack Lyndon-Skeggs

Jack recently left Durham University where he received a first in Anthropology and Archaeology, and he is now studying for a Law GDL at the University of Law, Moorgate. He comes from just outside Winchester in England, Hampshire. He prides himself on hard work and commitment to his tasks. He received the Baxter 2012 Scholarship, awarded to those in Hatfield College with the highest marks in each discipline. His dissertation, which he submitted to the UA 2013, is also due to be published in an academic journal (Date TBA), and off the back of this he was granted a funded place to continue his studies at PhD level, but made the decision to follow a career in Environmental Law.

Outside of academics, Jack is a keen skier. He has competed in the Durham Race and Freestyle Ski teams, in which he was also awarded the Freestyle Newcomer award (2010).

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2013

University: Durham University
Course: Life Sciences

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