Drew Reid

What are you up to now?
I have just completed my Masters in Planning and Sustainable Development at UCC and I am just getting back to the reality of job hunting after what I considered a well earned break. Ever the opportunist (even in this current economic downturn) and I look forward to the challenges and rewards of whatever career may lie ahead for me.

What did winning mean to you?
I was delighted to receive such a prestigious award at a national level. I feel that it will springboard my career and allow people even internationally to access my work. I was really proud of my achievement and it demonstrated the quality of the lecturing of UCC’s Geography Department and the support they gave me during my time there.

Why do you think your entry was the winning paper in your category?
Geography has always been a discipline which has primarily concerned itself with the environment outside it. However, history had revealed that divergent forces within the subject had splintered Geography into fractional sub-disciplines. For the subject to remain cohesive, strong and relevant, the essay proposed that common denominators – in this case ESS and technology – were identified as catalysts for geographic reintegration and continuity. It is this forward looking approach which I believe won the award for me.

Undergraduate Award Winner in 2009

University: University College Cork
Category: Geography

Geographers and the Reinterpretation of Space in the 21st Century

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