Daniel McKay

From rural New South Wales, Daniel grew up on the family farm but lived in London for a year before returning to Australia to embark upon a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws degree at the ANU. Currently in his fourth year of study majoring in History and Political Science, he’s looking forward to pursuing history honours next year – and potentially further studies after that. He has received several opportunities to develop his interests in History, including a Summer Research Scholarship from the University of Queensland at the Queensland State Archives, and through the IARU Global Summer Program at the University of Cambridge. An aspiring historian, Daniel aims to be a champion of the value of learning; sharing the joy of both discovering and retelling the stories of our common heritage.

Undergraduate Award Overall & Programme Winner in 2014

University: Australian National University
Category: Historical Studies

Dust and Bluster: An Historical Evaluation of the Political Discourse on Drought in Australia

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